90 days




  • Streamlined logistics

  • Better stakeholder relations

  • Enhanced design interrogation + reduced rework

  • Temporary works optimisation

  • Programme validation

  • 4D-based Start of Shift briefings - breaking language barriers

Tideway East

London, UK
Status: In Progress


  • 4D modelling implementation across 5 construction sites

  • Highly congested sites within residential areas, tight logistics, complex design, numerous stakeholders

  • In-house 4D team – at least one team member trained in 4D for every site

  • Duration of 4D modelling – 3 years and ongoing

  • 30+ 4D models created for different purposes and with various levels of detail

  • Series of 4D workshops convened – implementation of weekly 4D collaborative planning process



4D collaborative process was used to validate the programme and become more efficient and productive. It helped the project stakeholders to communicate effectively, build safely and get the construction right first time.

4D collaborative planning followed a standard process. 4D models were briefed to the construction site teams and three week look ahead plan was reviewed by the site teams in weekly meetings. The responses from the site team were used to update the 4D model.


The 4D model was the reviewed by the methods team and presented in a 4 D collaborative meeting.