• Identify and mitigate potential conflicts of assembly process early

  • Better coordination between engineering development, supply, manufacturing, transportation and assembly

  • Improvement of the general work program

  • Increased logistics efficiency and correct activity sequencing

International Airport of Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico


  • Instruction to implement 4D modelling  executed by the CTVM International Consortium (Acciona, Carso, FCC, GIA, ICA, La Peninsular and Prodemex)

  • 180,000 tons of steel, floor area of 310,000m² and buildable area of 780,000m² distributed in five construction levels

  • 20,000 activities that represent the full scope of the project

  • 2,000 different types of elements, grouped into 365 different activities


The 3D roof of the building has a large number of conditions and restrictions for its construction. This sequence was worked from start to finish with the help of 4D planning. It allowed to analyze in an efficient, fast and visual way the impacts that resulted from the new scenarios of the master program. This program contains more than 20,000 activities that represent the full scope of the project and are organized through the work decomposition structure (WBS).


The master program is composed of the project's contractual milestones, engineering development and approval activities, the procurement and manufacturing processes of the elements and ends with the construction and project closure activities. Each activity has a horizontal and vertical zoning. To code each of the hundreds of thousands of elements of the model to activity, process automation algorithm developed inhouse was used.


4D BIM allowed to explain in detail and visual the procedure of assembly of the building's foniles and the duration that each of the stages entails. Weekly progress reports using 4D BIM enabled visualization of work programmed against the work executed and a projection for the next three weeks was made to make the better confidence in the schedule. 4D review exercise detected more than conflicted 1,000 activities and mitigate issues to generate better sequence of work.