6 months




  • Identify and mitigate potential conflicts of different disciplines or contractors in advance confined conditions

  • Better stakeholder relations

  • Improved progress reporting and forecasting

  • Increased logistics efficiency and correct activity sequencing

Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5

London, UK

Status: Completed, 2008


  • Instruction to implement 4D modelling BAAto KBR

  • T5 programme comprises 16 main projects and 147 sub-projects

  • Integrated programme that is cross-linked to the individual project and sub-project construction plans

  • Elements under construction are constrained on both sides

  • Complexity relating to Health and Safety for the construction personnel, local movement of plant/cranes and the effective management of logistics’ requirements



Early 4D collaborative planning  comprised the initial model construction/geometry population alongside the development of the integrated programme with the aim of achieving a cross-project agreement of a high-level construction sequence.


Further the 4D modelling process are used for forecasting look ahead plans, progress monitoring and as an aid to resolve construction conflicts and issues. Weekly review meetings are held where the model, after real-time synchronisation of the P3 integrated programme, is presented. The model, typically, is reviewed on a day-by-day basis for two months and specific issues and conflicts are highlighted for discussion. Conflict reports, snapshot images, and computer movie files are published and made available to the review audience. These outputs are used for look ahead planning and conflict resolution.