Our mission is to improve the uptake and use of 4D Modelling in construction.


We do this by raising awareness and sharing knowledge.




We are committed to providing free resources to the industry to increase awareness and adoption of 4D and visual planning. Some resources include a Solutions Review Toolkit, a 4D Maturity matrix, and an EIR guideline.


We run regular physical and online events to help grow the 4D modelling network. We bring in expert speakers to showcase projects and share opinions with large audiences, as well as hosting focus groups that delve into the details of specific topics.




We are set to release a report that includes one of the largest 4D modelling questionnaires to date.


So watch this space!


We release podcasts that share stories from projects, provide software tips and tricks, as well as suggestions on overcoming hurdles to adoption.


Our story so far...

We have a diverse and growing international community that touch all areas of construction. We are lawyers, consultants, main contractors, specialist contractors, owners, operators, architects and engineers with expertise and interests in safety, contracts, management, design, sustainability, innovation, and digital way of working.


Our international community is supported by a core group that is in continuous dialogue.


We have no parent organisation, vested interests or sponsors, which allows us to be flexible, open, impartial, and agnostic.


We are open to everyone, no matter where you are on your 4D journey. So please get in contact with us!

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